Friday, November 21, 2014

Product Spotlight: Classic vs. Light Labels

With the biggest holiday season right around the corner (think Thanksgiving + Christmas + New Year’s all in a 5 week period!), it’s that time of the year when it seems like every other night is a different party, dinner, or happy hour. So to keep all of your gifts, dishes, name cards, and invitations organized, use these amazing chalkboard labels from Simply Remarkable. The sleek black and white chalkboard design is both elegant and modern and allows you to exercise your own creativity by customizing each label. We’ll leave it to you to decide on shape and size, but to help you choose between the Classic and Light versions of these chalkboard labels, we’ve outlined some of the major differences and best uses for each type.

Permanent vs. Removable

For labels that are more permanent in nature, the Classic sticker labels will be your best option. They feature a semi-permanent adhesive making them longer-lasting and more durable than the Light labels. On the other hand, the Light labels are easier to remove, which makes them perfect for temporary usage like to label a casserole dish for a dinner party or on champagne glasses for NYE.


Even though the Light labels are easier to remove, they can only be reused a limited number of times before they lose their form and function. However, the Classic labels are great for multiple uses. To remove them from their current surface, it is easiest to use a hairdryer to reactivate the adhesive and then gently peel them off.

Look & Feel

Being that they are naturally more durable, the Classic labels will have a sturdier look and feel. They are made from thicker material with a textured writing surface for a more polished and permanent look. The Light labels are thinner and have a smooth writing surface, making them great for labeling lunch bags or gifts. You can also use the large Light labels as cute address labels for invitations or thank you notes!


Unlike the Light sticker labels, the Classic labels are dishwasher safe, which means they’re great for labeling water bottles or coffee mugs. However, they are not safe to stick on walls because the stronger adhesive will take off paint and wallpaper upon removal. For labeling artwork or marking the restroom during dinner parties at your home, use the Light labels, which will not damage walls.

How are you using your Simply Remarkable Chalkboard Labels this holiday season? Share your ideas in the comments section! Check back frequently for more lifestyle tips brought to you by Simply Remarkable!

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