Friday, February 27, 2015

Tips for Staying Organized at Your Office

Struggling to get in the groove lately at work? Take a moment and look around your office. Is your desk cluttered with papers? Are there files everywhere? If your office looks like this, you may have found the reason you’re struggling to get things done. A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered, unproductive mind. We want to help you break free from your office mess and get organized so you can accomplish more each day. Here are a few ways the team at Simply Remarkable can help your organize your workspace.

Label Files: Those files don’t belong on top of your desk and chairs. They should be put away in a file cabinet in your office. But before you put them away, be sure to place labels on each to quickly identify the contents in them.

Organize Loose Papers: Are loose pieces of memos and other important documents strewn around your office and in your bag? Take time to organize them into certain files and then place them in convenient binders. Place reusable labels on each to help with organization.

Place Supplies in Jars: Can’t seem to find a pen even though you know you just had one? Gather up a few pens and place them in a jar on your desk. While you’re at it, throw in a pair of scissors, a tape roll and a pencil as well. You’ll need them at some point.

Clean Out Your Shelves: Remove all items from your shelves and throw away anything that has not been used in a while. Also, while you have everything off the shelves, clean and dust them. Finally, place items on the shelf that give you inspiration when you see them.

Use a Calendar: Either use a large desk calendar, a small calendar journal or calendar on your computer or cell. Whichever you choose, stick to it and update it regularly. It will be a great asset to your productivity.

Remove Distractions: If you struggle to stay on task or get distracted easily, try removing everything from your workspace. Place your cell phone in a drawer, close your door and have only essential items on your desk. This will help with your focus and productivity.

We realize some of you may think that there’s a method to your madness in your office, but we encourage you to try at least one of these organization tips. You might be surprised how great you feel and how well you perform as a result.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Decorating Ideas for Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love going to a wedding? It’s the celebration of two people’s love for one another as well as an opportunity to have fun with family and friends. The wedding ceremony is lovely, but let’s be honest, the real fun is at the reception. The food, the dancing, the drinks – it’s a blast.

While the wedding day is certainly enjoyable, the weeks leading up to the wedding can be stressful for those doing the planning. Coordinating the flowers, food, cake, band and more can be a handful. You want to make sure every little detail is perfect including table settings, wedding favors and flower arrangements. If you’re still looking for a few unique decorating ideas for your wedding or a client’s wedding, here are a few fun decoration tips from Simply Remarkable.

Table Markers: Every reception with a sit down dinner needs to organize guests by table number. Use an elegant rectangle shaped or oval label to mark the table number for guests.

Buffet Stands: If you’re offering any type of buffet at your wedding, be sure to label each dish with cute buffet stands.

Charms for Glasses: A great way to mark the bride and groom’s glasses for the evening is with classy wedding glass charms. Their small and customizable and look great in photos. The charms are also fun to use while having a celebratory glass of champagne while getting ready with your bridesmaids.

Wedding Favors: Show your guests how much you appreciate them attending your wedding with a small party favor for them to take home. Include candy, a gift card, or a small gift that reminds you of them.

Incorporating these decoration pieces into your wedding will be a small yet elegant touch. In the end, we hope your wedding is a wonderful celebration and night you’ll always remember. Happy wedding planning!

What fun decoration pieces have you seen at weddings you’ve been to? We’d love to hear about them.

Friday, February 6, 2015

7 Creative Ways to Organize Your Home

The thought of organizing your home is enough to send some people into a frenzied panic. The task can seem so daunting with so many rooms and things cluttered throughout the house. Fortunately, there are a lot of tips and tricks people have created through the years to make organizing every area of your house a little bit easier. With the help of the Simply Remarkable team, here are seven creative ways to organize your home this year.

1. Pantry Makeover: Gather up some mason jars, Tupperware and bins and go to work organizing everything in your pantry. Place spices, sugars, dry goods and flour in clear jars. Also throw out any products that have expired or you don’t use.

2. Wired Baskets for Cooking Utensils: For those who own a restaurant, catering business or who simply have a ton of cooking utensils, a great way to organize all these items is to place them in wired baskets that have been mounted to the wall. This way the utensils are easily accessible during cooking and not hidden in a drawer.

3. Label Leftovers in the Fridge: If you have leftovers or make meals for the week on Sunday, be sure to place a label on the containers to remind you when each meal should be eaten.

4. Hang Bags on Shower Hooks: Tired of having your designer bags on the floor or in a box? Use a shower curtain hook to hang them up in the closet.

5. Store Matching Sheets Inside Their Pillowcases: Until I found this trick, I always had trouble keeping track of matching sheets and pillow cases. No everything is neatly organized inside our home’s linen closet.

6. Organize Tools into Buckets and Label: The garage can be a black hole for things in some homes. Take back your garage space by placing tools and other items in storage bins. Don’t forget to label each when you’re packing.

7. Label Your Cords: Overwhelmed by the amount of cords behind your TV or desktop computer, place a tag on each cord to help identify the electronic it belongs to.

Do you have any handy organizing tips you use at your home? If so, please share with us! We’re always looking for new ideas.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Tired of giving roses for your loved one every Valentine’s Day? Want to give them something from the heart? Luckily for you, the Simply Remarkable team are experts at creating special DIY Valentine’s gifts that will warm the heart of your significant other. Whether it’s delicious goodies or creative crafts, there’s something for everyone on this list. Look through and see what personalized Valentine’s gift you like the most.

Snuggle Up with Hot Coco & Marshmallows: After a romantic dinner, relax by the fire together and enjoy deluxe hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Notes of Love for Dad: Who said this list of gifts was only for couples? Kids can also show their Dad how much they love him by filling a jar with the many reasons they love Dad.

You’re a Hot Tamale: Have a little fun by giving something that describes your wife perfectly and also tastes great.

Love in a Cookie Jar: Famous for a certain kind of cookie? Give your specialty cookie out as a gift to family, co-workers, neighbors and more.

Nothing Says Love Like Cake: Buying a lovely cake ball or baking a batch of chocolate cake warms every girl’s (or boy’s) heart.

Jar of Hugs and Kisses: Give your loved one a jar of kisses on February 14th. They can place it on their desk at work and have a kiss anytime they miss you!

Let Your Teacher Know She’s #1: Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your kid’s teacher how much you appreciate what they do.

Valentine’s Gift Bags for Friends at School: For those hosting school V-Day parties, these bags of love are always a big hit. Stuff them with candy, cookies and more!

Don’t Forget About the Puppy: What puppy wouldn’t love to receive fresh treats on Valentine’s Day?