Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Decorating Ideas for Your Wedding

Who doesn’t love going to a wedding? It’s the celebration of two people’s love for one another as well as an opportunity to have fun with family and friends. The wedding ceremony is lovely, but let’s be honest, the real fun is at the reception. The food, the dancing, the drinks – it’s a blast.

While the wedding day is certainly enjoyable, the weeks leading up to the wedding can be stressful for those doing the planning. Coordinating the flowers, food, cake, band and more can be a handful. You want to make sure every little detail is perfect including table settings, wedding favors and flower arrangements. If you’re still looking for a few unique decorating ideas for your wedding or a client’s wedding, here are a few fun decoration tips from Simply Remarkable.

Table Markers: Every reception with a sit down dinner needs to organize guests by table number. Use an elegant rectangle shaped or oval label to mark the table number for guests.

Buffet Stands: If you’re offering any type of buffet at your wedding, be sure to label each dish with cute buffet stands.

Charms for Glasses: A great way to mark the bride and groom’s glasses for the evening is with classy wedding glass charms. Their small and customizable and look great in photos. The charms are also fun to use while having a celebratory glass of champagne while getting ready with your bridesmaids.

Wedding Favors: Show your guests how much you appreciate them attending your wedding with a small party favor for them to take home. Include candy, a gift card, or a small gift that reminds you of them.

Incorporating these decoration pieces into your wedding will be a small yet elegant touch. In the end, we hope your wedding is a wonderful celebration and night you’ll always remember. Happy wedding planning!

What fun decoration pieces have you seen at weddings you’ve been to? We’d love to hear about them.


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