Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Tired of giving roses for your loved one every Valentine’s Day? Want to give them something from the heart? Luckily for you, the Simply Remarkable team are experts at creating special DIY Valentine’s gifts that will warm the heart of your significant other. Whether it’s delicious goodies or creative crafts, there’s something for everyone on this list. Look through and see what personalized Valentine’s gift you like the most.

Snuggle Up with Hot Coco & Marshmallows: After a romantic dinner, relax by the fire together and enjoy deluxe hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Notes of Love for Dad: Who said this list of gifts was only for couples? Kids can also show their Dad how much they love him by filling a jar with the many reasons they love Dad.

You’re a Hot Tamale: Have a little fun by giving something that describes your wife perfectly and also tastes great.

Love in a Cookie Jar: Famous for a certain kind of cookie? Give your specialty cookie out as a gift to family, co-workers, neighbors and more.

Nothing Says Love Like Cake: Buying a lovely cake ball or baking a batch of chocolate cake warms every girl’s (or boy’s) heart.

Jar of Hugs and Kisses: Give your loved one a jar of kisses on February 14th. They can place it on their desk at work and have a kiss anytime they miss you!

Let Your Teacher Know She’s #1: Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your kid’s teacher how much you appreciate what they do.

Valentine’s Gift Bags for Friends at School: For those hosting school V-Day parties, these bags of love are always a big hit. Stuff them with candy, cookies and more!

Don’t Forget About the Puppy: What puppy wouldn’t love to receive fresh treats on Valentine’s Day?