Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Create the Perfect Craft Room

Crafting is a great hobby, and for many, a stress reliever. Whether painting, pottery, drawing or scrapbooking is your thing, you need a place to do it. It’s nice to set aside a space that is dedicated solely to your hobby for both organizational purposes and as a way of escaping from the tasks of everyday life. Here are a few pointers from us to help you get started on creating the perfect craft room.

Strategically Store

Have a place for every type of craft supplies you own. Buy crates and containers that easily slide in and out of shelves and decide which type of supplies will go in what. Try to avoid throwing a bunch of different supplies in the same container. Designate certain areas in the room to specific supplies. For example, all paints are stored in the containers on the third shelf. This will make it so much easier for you to find things later on, and you will be thankful that you took the time to organize.

Reuse Household Objects

Before you go run out and buy a new storage cubby or containers, look around your house for items that you could reuse to store your craft materials in. If you finish a jar of jelly, clean it out and use it to store your glue-on jewels or buttons. Save jars, cans, old shoeboxes, and find a place for them in your craft room. Label what they contain with a tie-on craft tag and you’ll be just as organized as if you would have purchased new containers, but will have more money in your pocket.

Label Everything

Now that you have a place for everything, you need to know what is in what container. When it comes to craft making it’s easy for things to get messy and unorganized very quickly. This is where labeling proves to be very handy. With our chalkboard labels you can place a sticker on any container so you can easily reference its contents in the future. Instead of wasting hours looking for that box of ribbon you knew you had, slap a label on it and shorten the search process.

Use tables

No matter what type of craft making you do, having a sturdy surface to work at is essential. Another benefit of having tables in your space is that you can use them as another place to store things. With this you can do specific projects at different tables. Give yourself a designated scrapbook table and leave your work there instead of having to pack it up to work on something new. Use our label stands to let others in your home know not to touch certain tables. With specific tables, you won’t have to worry as much about your work being moved or altered.

Any level of crafter should have a space to organize his or her work. With these tips you can easily and efficiently create your own craft room and keep track of all of your materials along the way.

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