Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to Organize a Catering Event

The first step when it comes to event organization is to start planning early. The closer the event date gets, the more stressful it will become to plan. When planning a catering event, it’s important you have quality food, follow food safety guidelines and provide exceptional customer service. Once you’ve mastered the basics of catering planning, you can begin to add the extra little touches that turn a great event into an extraordinary event.

When thinking about event organization, you should aim to minimize surprises. By this, we don’t mean you should eliminate planned surprises. Instead, think about what questions your guests will likely ask upon arrival or when they begin to peruse the buffet table and plan around that.

We’ve come up with some catering planning and event organization tips to help you plan the ultimate affair:

Don’t Choose the Date First – Before you pick a date for your special event, make sure you find a space large enough to hold the number of expected people.

Prepare a Budget – There’s nothing worse than planning an event and accidently spending 80% of your budget on the space alone. Budget out all possible expenses before you start hiring, buying or booking anything so you can ensure you have enough to go around.

Timing Is Everything – On the day of the event, be sure you give yourself enough time to set up your food, plates, utensils etc., in addition to your decorations. If you have to vacate the party site at a certain time, make sure you also give yourself adequate time to clean up.

Buffet Display Stands - Reusable buffet display stands are practical and a great way to add a special touch to any catering table. Need to label a vegetarian dish? Want to inform guests where the silverware is? Buffet display stands look great and allow you to label everything!

Buffet Labels – Reusable hanging buffet labels can be used at buffet tables in conjunction with display stands or you can use the labels to mark food trays, drink, tables, personalized gifts and even more.

Most Importantly, Stay Calm – Hours before your event starts, and especially during the event itself, it’s important you remain calm. You’ve taken the time to plan and prepare, so keep a level head and your team will follow suit.

Have your own method to managing the chaos? Let us know in the comment section!


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